Singing Contest
Unleash Your Inner Vocal Star, Participate, Earn Public Votes, and Win a Reward of 5000 Euros, public voting will start from 1st March 2024.
What is Vibrer?
Vibrer is your ultimate destination for a musical journey like no other. It's a dynamic platform that seamlessly blends the world of music and social interaction. With Vibrer, you can explore diverse genres, connect with talented artists, enjoy live performances, and even participate in contests. Elevate your passion for music and engage with a vibrant community of music enthusiasts. Discover, connect, and experience music on a whole new level with Vibrer. View features
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Vibrer's Realm
Who is Vibrer for?
Built Exclusively for Music Industry Artists
Vibrer is a platform crafted for music enthusiasts and creators alike. Whether you're an aspiring singer, a talented musician, or a passionate dancer, Vibrer provides a space to showcase your artistry, connect with fans, and unlock opportunities. Our vibrant community offers a hub for discovering new talents, enjoying live performances, and engaging with your favorite artists. Whether you're seeking inspiration or aiming to amplify your musical journey, Vibrer empowers you to express and experience the magic of music like never before.
Explore Vibrer's
Unique Features
Explore Vibrer's Unique Features
Elevate your music experience with Vibrer's cutting-edge tools.
Dynamic social media inspired profile
Craft a dynamic social media-inspired profile that not only showcases your artistic essence but also connects you with fans. This feature empowers you to thrive in the music community, creating an immersive experience that goes beyond mere functionality.
Share Your Passion
Amplify your presence by effortlessly sharing your music, videos, and creations with a global audience. Connect, inspire, and grow through vibrant content sharing on Vibrer.
Browse and Connect
Explore a world of diverse musical talents and connect with like-minded enthusiasts. Discover new genres, follow your favorite artists, and build a vibrant community on Vibrer.
Seamless Communication
Engage in lively discussions, express your thoughts, and connect with artists and fans using Vibrer's intuitive inbuilt chat system.
Exclusive Live Concerts
Immerse yourself in extraordinary live performances by celebrated artists, available exclusively on Vibrer. Experience the energy of live music from the convenience of your device.
Online Contests
Participate in online contests on Vibrer. Step up to the challenge by participating in singing contests, dance-offs, and more, Showcase your artistry, secure votes, and win prizes on Vibrer.
Live Streaming
Feel the beat in real-time with Vibrer's Live Streaming. Artists go live, fans connect, and virtual gifts flow, all at your fingertips.
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Vibrer's Social Hub
Elevate your experience with Vibrer's integrated Social Hub feature. Enhance your presence and empower creators to flourish within a vibrant artistic community.
Fans engage with music, videos, live streams, concerts, contests through likes, comments, playlist, bookmarks etc.
Artists can captivate their audience with Music, images, videos, polls and earn a passive income
Join Vibrer's interconnected community, where music enthusiasts and creators unite to celebrate their passion and connect like never before.
Earn and manage funds through inbuilt wallet
Earn a passive income on Vibrer by sharing music videos and audio files, participating in contests, performing live concerts, offering one-to-one performances, and live streaming. Monetize your content and build a stronger relationship with your audience.
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